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Why Ventouris Events

Ventouris Events is an event planning company that does a complete planning and coordination of an event. Events such as parties, engagements, showers, bachelorettes, weddings /day after and anniversaries! I would love to help you create an event of any type either fancy, romantic, black-tie or casual. As for our favorites weddings, together we can have a  religious, civil or symbolic wedding. Having previous experience from different couples, I love to handle American, Arab, European or Asian weddings. I am always happy and open to have same-sex weddings. Ventouris Events has the possibility to travel all over Greece & Italy even though it is based in Athens.

With my experience, my colleagues, my vendors we can turn your dream wedding into a real wedding just like that. We are organized, excited and professional! Focused on every single detail that can make your wedding unique and beautiful! I travel all over Greece & Italy but you never know what the future holds for me, you may one day see me planning a wedding in Paris or Bali.

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